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DevNetApps has presence in the public and private sectors with the common theme of simplifying the adoption of technology through outstanding partners, or directly with the DevNetApps team. Several project samples follow below, and for more examples please contact us.


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Having worked at Co-op for 20 years, in all my time I have never completed a project in store operating hours, working with CAE we took this one stage further and removed the core connecting platform of the store whilst the store was trading with a downtime of 45 seconds, this is one of the most outstanding pieces of work I have ever seen delivered.

Senior member of the retail team, Co-op


Automation and rapid deployment were key factors to the success of the £7M store network refresh project in 2019 with the Co-op and a leading system integrator, CAE Technology Services.


CAE was tasked with the rollout of a solution going into 2,600+ stores across the UK. Overall using a DevNetApps app-first approach, 16,000 firewalls, switches and wireless access points were completely zero touch configured and installed by lower cost, non-network orientated desktop technicians. This project was only achievable through an app-first approach. The net result was time and cost savings, and has led to increased utilisation of the APIs to deliver impactful business outcomes such as onboarding new e-commerce partnerships.


DevNetApps designed, developed and delivered three new apps for the retailer that are accessed through the Retail App Portal. The apps are used on a weekly basis to configure all networking equipment for a new store in just 20 seconds, which equates to a 99% time saving.

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The Nucleus App is working well saving us a lot of time building the Meraki Networks, and once on site, the Meraki builds are very effective.

Lead Technical Analyst, Wrexham Council

Local Government

Working with the CAE project team, DevNetApps engaged on the successful automation and service orchestration of a large Cisco Catalyst and Cisco Meraki investment made by Wrexham Council.


CAE was looking for an innovative way to assist and add value to a £20M school’s project. Taking an app-first approach working with the DevNetApps team was absolutely the best way to achieve this.


Over the course of a development sprint, the DevNetApps team designed and delivered a fully integrated two-tier service orchestration app to CAE which was capable of zero touch provisioning 100s of schools in minutes, and configuring 1,000s of Cisco devices across two Cisco platforms at the same time. The platforms integrated with its Cisco DNA Center for Enterprise Networking and Cisco Meraki for Cloud Networking.


The app built for CAE was a highly repeatable and transferable enterprise networking app to assist the partner with future bids and projects.


CAE customers can now benefit from more affordable rollout costs typically associated to a large infrastructure refresh projects of routers, switches and wireless access points by right sizing the professional services approach that they deliver.

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