The Basis for Digital Transformation

Often referred to as the ‘Golden Triangle’, the component parts of People, Process and Technology underpin our basis for digital transformation. Set against the current uncertain macroeconomic and social environments, this provides the bedrock upon which evolution prevails.


If organisations focus upon governance, and can access meaningful business insights, they become more adept at instigating meaningful change, profitability, and customer advocacy. We can help change business models without disrupting the status quo.


The Team at DevNetApps has developed a suite of integrated apps to enhance the business and technical offering from leading vendors with a strong focus upon:


  • Improving the time to value of your technology investment
  • Speeding up the time to delivery on the adoption of new technology
  • Bridging gaps in vendor platforms with API enhancements
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DevNetApps, part of CAE is an approved Cisco Meraki Technology Partner and is in the Cisco DevNet Ecosystem Exchange and Cisco Meraki Marketplace which can be found here

DevNetApps Nucleus

The DNA Nucleus platform addresses challenges around technology adoption by leveraging the power of the APIs on Cisco DNA Center and Meraki Platforms. It enables rapid device provisioning coupled with the ability to automatically convert configurations from legacy networking devices to Catalyst and Meraki networking solutions, allowing project effort to be focused upon efficiencies, increasing time to value.

Large scale deployments have always experienced challenges. With a traditional box by box configuration approach to networking, the only way to reduce time when replacing legacy infrastructure or adding new deployments is to increase the number of people assigned to a project.

Any unforeseen circumstances or errors can cause costs to spiral and deliverables to be missed. Network infrastructure projects form the foundation for larger digital transformations, so delays can cause serious knock-on effects on product launch, market penetration and reputation.

An integrated app-first approach for network onboarding and migration projects provides valuable customer benefits:

DevNetApps Assure

As part of our growing service assurance and business resilience portfolio, the team at DevNetApps developed a simple, yet reassuring, service that complements the Cisco Meraki cloud platform and provides customers with peace of mind. We call this DNA Assure.


Our DNA Assure service focuses on:

  • Increasing uptime and reducing business restoration downtime – from days and weeks to hours and minutes.
  • Never missing an operational change – by securely capturing them as and when they happen, in real-time.
  • Proving the restoration process with your IT team – by providing biannual business resilience sandbox testing and exercising.
  • Mitigating against future outages – through ongoing real-time service intelligence to provide additional risk removal.  
  • Increasing control level – for potentially better cyber insurance coverage and help with minimising insurance costs.
  • Providing 24/7 access – UK based expertise available around the clock.

DevNetApps Integrate

CAE has the expertise to design, develop and deliver professional applications that are hosted in our own App Portal.


Each year the industry pivots further towards a software centric approach, making a software development offering more relevant than ever. Through our differentiated service offering we overcome common and new challenges that a vendor’s platform doesn’t always address or solve.


Countless possibilities

There are many possibilities when it comes to developing professional problem-solving solutions for our customers that can save you time, money, and valuable resource. Through our consultative app-first approach, CAE walks you through your specific challenges as well as your required technical and business outcomes.


With a proven track record, here are a few example outcomes of why having an app-first approach methodology helps our customers:


  • Enables customers to have a quicker time to market through rapid adoption and change at scale
  • Project enabler through possible CapEx savings due to automation and efficiencies
  • Lowers migration costs from legacy technology to new
  • Automates existing, complex, and repetitive processes leading to reduced OpEx costs
  • Rapid deployment of new technology within the business
  • Right-sized, agile professional services effort
  • Auditing and compliance of thousands of devices or sites
  • Quality assurance and better project outcomes
  • Better ROI through improved and better adoption of technology investment

Network Intelligence

As part of our growing Intelligence service portfolio. CAE has, in partnership with Cisco, developed a simple yet very powerful service that gives you complete visibility of the lifecycle and operational health of your Cisco and Meraki infrastructure assets. All in one simple and easy to navigate dashboard. We call this DNA Network Intelligence.


It is a service which has been refined over many years of experience and through the engagement with hundreds of customer deployments and continual customer feedback regarding additional value.


The service focusses on four predominant operational challenges. Providing clear dashboard alerting, based upon real-time data:

  • Install base management (i.e., inventory or asset management, contract coverage)
  • Lifecycle alert reporting (e.g., hardware and software alerts as well as field notices)
  • Security alert reporting (e.g., vulnerability threats, using CVSS)
  • Actionable operational intelligence (e.g., data for better budgeting and operational priorities)


For customers with Cisco and Meraki network infrastructure, or a significant percentage of Cisco and Meraki devices in their network. DNA Network Intelligence service from CAE provides the means to take control of support cover, asset lifecycle management, software vulnerabilities and security alerts in one modern online dashboard.  


Customer identified service benefits

  • Increased operational efficiency & focus
  • Improved operational governance and risk management
  • Improved asset lifecycle management
  • Increased budgeting awareness


De-risking projects that have tight delivery and commissioning timescales
Reduced Costs
Up to 70% reduced engineering time and costs due to zero-touch configuration onsite and automatic conversion of legacy configurations, leaving engineering teams with a refined scope of only rack, stack and patch
Increased Efficency
Increased efficiency per device: A recent DevNetApps project business case showed that automating a project with 2,500 devices saved over 60 days. At $1,126 savings per day, this equated to a $62,575 saving
Rapid Onboarding of New Sites
In a single non-technical action, new sites can be onboarded rapidly, meaning less time on site and more sites being commissioned in a reduced timeframe, providing rapid project completion; Greater security with engineering teams having read-only (observer role) mobile access from anywhere to the hosted DNA Nucleus app, which provides a ‘project progress view’ direct from the communication connection with the Cisco DNA Center Intent API
Less Configuration Errors
Data validation checks mean input errors are avoided and troubleshooting times and risks are reduced
Complete configuration consistency and standardisation throughout a project with greatly reduced chances of configuration drift

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